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Rabbit Fever screening in Seattle

It’s been 6 years since I visited Ellensburg, Washington to film all 47 breeds of rabbits at the Washington State Rabbit Breeders Association Convention with the help of former ARBA president, Cindy Wickizer. It was fun seeing everybody line up with bunnies in their arms waiting to get on-camera for their big moment. Some rabbits loved the camera and posed gallantly, while others were either shy or more interested in chewing the green screen paper that was used as a backdrop. I also had the treat of meeting and filming some WA State Royalty winners – Ashley Reithmayr (Queen), Brian Nolan (King), Madelyn Copus (Duchess), Courtney Ferry (Lady), Autumn Dennistoun (Princess) and Wayne Heath (Prince).

Now, I’m very proud to announce two screenings that will be held this weekend in Seattle, WA as part of the Seattle International Film Festival – Film4Families series. Tickets are only $4.00! For more information, click here.

Screening Information

WHAT: Rabbit Fever – Presented by Seattle International Film Festival Films4Families
WHEN: Oct 6 & 7 at 1:00pm
WHERE: SIFF Cinema Uptown (511 Queen Anne Avenue North)

See some of the bunnies we shot in WA state here:

Former Rabbit Queen Contestant

Additionally, a special member of our “cast” is from Spokane, WA – Lindsey Lauterbach (former 1st runner up ARBA Queen). In 2009, Lindsey came to watch the very first private screening at the San Diego ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) convention and absolutely loved the film. She is currently married and happily living in Kojetín, Czech Republic. Lindsey no longer raises rabbits, but she gets the itch every once in a while. I guess that happens after you’ve caught Rabbit Fever.

Nov. 1, 2009 – Del Mar, California, USA – JEREMY COLLINS, LINDSEY LAUTERBACH and PIA ALVENDIA (l to r) watch the sneak preview showing of Amy Do’s feature-length documentary, ‘Rabbit Fever,’ at the American Rabbit Breeders Association Convention and Show.

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