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Order the Special Limited Edition DVD

Order your Special Limited Edition DVD of Rabbit Fever now!

Hello everyone,

After almost 10 years, my journey with Rabbit Fever has almost come to an end. I am SO grateful to everyone who has supported the making of this film – the wonderful
cast and crew, my faithful family and friends, and of course, eager viewers like you who have waited so patiently to see the movie!

Funding the film and attaining distribution on my own has been no easy feat. Since I’ve been getting so many requests for the DVD, I decided to release the film to my loyal audience and help Rabbit Fever jump over its financial hurdle at the same time. So, that’s why I’ve started this fundraising campaign. I’m selling an undistributed release of Rabbit Fever in the form of a Special Limited Edition DVD, available only from this website (and possibly at screenings and rabbit shows). Each DVD case will contain a full-color “behind-the-scenes” booklet with photographs and production notes about the film, including a special section for SPONSORS who wish to be a part of this timeless keepsake.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to support this film. I hope all of you who end up purchasing/sponsoring a copy enjoy our combined efforts. And, if you don’t end up buying or watching the film…even a tweet, Facebook, or blog post about it would absolutely make my day. ;-)

With sincere love and appreciation,

Amy Do, Director of Rabbit Fever

Why I Need To Raise Funds:

As many of you may know, Rabbit Fever has been a labor of love for me. Because the progress of the film depended solely on my own pocketbook and dwindling savings account, I ended up chipping away at the project for many years until I finally decided to quit my full-time job at IGN Entertainment (FOX) to finish the film.

Even so, the journey didn’t end there. While the creation of Rabbit Fever was challenging, I found the task of shopping it at film festivals, doing my own marketing/PR and trying to find a distributor (to release the film on a wider scale) has been much more difficult. Not only does this process take a lot of time, but it’s very costly, especially for a starving indie film artist who is relying on freelance gigs for funding. Travel costs, festival application fees, screeners, promotional swag, PR materials, legal services, E&O insurance, etc. – on top of the debt incurred from post-production & mastering costs – all really add up.

This Special Limited Edition release will fund a larger marketing/distribution campaign, and I’ll be using the initial proceeds to pay for the actual production of the DVD discs themselves.