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Rabbit Royalty Quiz

Do you have what it takes to become the National Rabbit King or Queen?
Every contestant in Rabbit Fever had to take a 200 question exam all about rabbits. Take the sample quiz below and see if you have what it takes!

What is the normal length of time between conception and birth of a rabbit?

A rabbit having a slim, hare-like appearance, with slender body and long limbs is considered:

The teeth of the rabbit elongate throughout the:

A localized area of inflammation associated with an infection under the skin of a rabbit is a:

A very fine, soft textured fur or wool which lacks guard hair is termed:

The placement of a lop rabbit's crown too far forward or too far back on the head, causing the ear carriage to be misplaced, is called:

On a rabbit, an intermixture of two colors without a definite pattern is:

Which one of the following rabbit breeds does not disqualify for having a dewlap?

An elongated, narrow rabbit head, usually terminating in a pinched muzzle is considered:

In listing ARBA Disqualifications from a rabbit show competition, which of the following is not a disqualification?

This breed comes in three varieties (black, blue and chocolate), with a senior weight of 4 1/2 - 6 1/2 pounds and has a lustrous, flyback coat:

An extra toe or functionless digit on the inside of the front legs of a rabbit is called:

The lower part of the face and nose of the rabbit is termed the:

Which one of the following rabbit breeds does not recognize the blue-eyed variety?

Rabbit wool which is entangled in a thick mass is considered:

A term for a condition where the rabbit cannot hold the front or back legs under the body:

The color at the base of the fur shaft or next to the skin of a rabbit is the:

The ARBA Standard of Perfection is subject to revision every: