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New poster art by Comics Artist Jeffrey Brown

There is now a Facebook Fan Page.  If you look there, you can see regular updates (concept art, stills, etc.)  that I will post regarding the film’s progress.  Or, if you just want to be super awesome, you can just “Become a Fan” to support the film.


Also, I’ve finally decided on one of the many variations of the Jeffrey Brown poster art for the film.  Interestingly enough, although he illustrated a beautiful and more detailed version of the sketch, I ended up deciding on the initial rough version because I think it really captures the spirit of the film.

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  1. This is my favorite poster art yet, I really think it captures what was documented in the film. I also like the roughness of the art. It captures a look somewhat more like a “For Sale” you’d see at an actual rabbit show, instead of a more polished movie poster that would not represent the rabbit show world as well. In my opinion, anyway, I feel this is the best poster art and hope this is the one chosen for the film.
    Keep up all the fantastic work, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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